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Customer Profile - Kelly and Ryan

Ryan and Kelly

A FirstHomes100+ mortgage helps Kelly and Ryan buy and repair the home they love and save money for their wedding.

After three long years of renting, Kelly and Ryan were ready to become homeowners. They had recently become engaged and wanted more space to better accommodate their needs and plans for the future. They soon found a home they loved – one in need of repairs, but a perfect fit, nonetheless. Although they had money saved, they learned they wouldn’t be able to afford both the down payment and the property repairs the home required while also covering their wedding expenses.

At the advice of a friend, Kelly and Ryan contacted RIHousing. With the help of Loan Center staff, Kelly and Ryan soon became approved for a loan that required no down payment.

As many times as I emailed or called, Loan Center staff responded to me promptly,” remembers Kelly. “Timing is critical with the approval process, and they understood the need to have all documentation prepared in a timely fashion. They were just as excited as we were to buy a home and both were a pleasure to work with.”

Kelly and Ryan’s FirstHomes100+ mortgage allowed them to finance 100% of the home’s cost and necessary repairs, and move forward with their wedding as planned. Soon after the closing, Kelly and Ryan married and started a family in their new home.