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How we can help

If you need help with an existing loan you have with RIHousing, please contact our Loan Servicing department at 800-854-1180. Otherwise, please review the help options below.

HomeHelp Resource Center

Your "one-stop shop" for the information you need about our programs and services. We've compiled our top requested brochures and informational materials here for easy viewing and downloading.

Loan options

Whether you’re looking to buy a home or fix up the one you have, RIHousing and our Participating Lenders offer a variety of safe and affordable loan options to meet your needs. Our loans help many types of homebuyers and homeowners, including first-time homebuyers and those looking to refinance or simply move into a new home.

Customer CareNet
Loan Servicing Customer CareNet allows RIHousing’s loan customers to access and manage their account online, after normal business hours. For help with an existing RIHousing loan, please contact the Loan Servicing department at 800-854-1180.

Visit our HelpCenter

The RIHousing HelpCenter is dedicated to providing professional support and education to help more Rhode Islanders protect themselves from losing their homes and to make safe, informed decisions for their futures.