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LeadSafe Homes Program

This program provides forgivable loans to mitigate the hazards of lead-based paint and to make your home a healthier and safer place to live. The LeadSafe Homes Program is available to homeowners and landlords at no cost to qualifying customers.

Program Eligibility

  • Child under the age of six living in or frequently visiting the home
  • Home built before 1978 (the year that lead was banned from paint)
  • Meet federal and state income eligibility guidelines
  • Mortgage, insurance and taxes are current
  • Clear title to the property
  • Funds are available for single- and multi-family homeowners 

Features of the LeadSafe Homes Program:

  • Forgivable loans to help you make your home or property lead safe and increase its value
  • Health and safety hazard assessment of your home or property
  • Funding is forgiven after five years for homeowners and after 10 years for rental investment properties
  • Free, personalized assistance every step of the way

The LeadSafe Homes Program helps owners:

  • Understand the dangers of lead and other safety and health hazards
  • Understand the work that needs to be carried out to make the property lead-safe
  • Assist with temporary living arrangements for tenants while the work is being performed

LeadSafe Homes Program Process:

  • Owner completes program application
  • Initial housing inspection is conducted by a construction specialist
  • Comprehensive lead inspection is conducted by a licensed lead inspector
  • Construction specialist reviews the scope of work with the owner
  • Program approved contractors bid for the work
  • Loan closes and work begins
  • Work is completed to owner satisfaction, lead clearance inspection completed
  • Lead safe certification is issued by a licensed lead inspector per Rhode Island Department of Health regulations


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To learn more about LeadSafe Homes Program and the options available to you, contact:

Fernanda Aguilar

Learn more about the dangers of lead
Rhode Island KIDS COUNT published an issue brief on the dangers of lead that goes into great detail about the impacts of lead poisoning and how to mitigate the problem.